MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA // January 12 // A Jewish Voice for Peace event

DENVER, COLORADO // December 9 // A Friends of Sabeel Colorado event

GöTEBORG, SWEDEN // December 6 // A Samidoun event

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA // November 29 // A Middle East Children’s Alliance Fundraiser

PORTLAND, OREGON // October 6 // The Portland Palestine Film Festival

WORLD PREMIERE: ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA // September 30 // US Campaign for Palestinian Rights Annual Conference

Organize a screening

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Imprisoning a Generation is available to be screened for advocacy purposes and larger educational initiatives.

If you’re interested in setting up a screening, contact us through the form below.

Discussion Guide coming soon!

Starting in January, a discussion guide will be available for those screening the film. The guide will provide tools and suggestions for facilitating conversations around detention of Palestinian children and the other topics addressed in the film, printable fact-sheets and additional background information on advocacy opportunities.

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