SPOKANE, WASHINGTON // March 15 // A Unitarian Universalist event

DECATUR, GEORGIA // March 12 // A Columbia Theological Seminary event

PRARIE DU CHIEN, WISCONSIN // March 10 // An ELCA church event

LA CROSSE, WISCONSIN // March 5 // A University of Wisconsin- Lacrosse event

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS // March 3 // a Jewish Voice for Peace event

PORTLAND, OREGON // February 10 // An ELCA church event

LA GRANGE, ILLINOIS // February 7 // An ELCA church event

WEST ROXBURY, MASSACHUSETTS // February 3 // A Unitarian Universalist event

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA // January 12 // A Jewish Voice for Peace event

DENVER, COLORADO // December 9 // A Friends of Sabeel Colorado event

GöTEBORG, SWEDEN // December 6 // A Samidoun event

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA // November 29 // A Middle East Children’s Alliance Fundraiser

PORTLAND, OREGON // October 6 // The Portland Palestine Film Festival

WORLD PREMIERE: ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA // September 30 // US Campaign for Palestinian Rights Annual Conference

Organize a screening

Pal Prisoners Day flier.png

If you are interested in screening Imprisoning a Generation this spring, consider organizing it around Palestinian Prisoner's’ Day which takes place annually on April 17th.

This day is recognized within Palestine and internationally as a moment to lift up the thousands of Palestinian political prisoners through actions in our streets, classrooms and organizing spaces.

If you’re interested in setting up a screening, contact us through the form below.

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Discussion Guide now available

A discussion guide is now made available for those who are organizing screenings. The guide aims to provide tools for facilitators in navigating conversations after the film. Suggested discussion questions, summaries of the children’s experiences, resources for further learning and opportunities for advocacy actions are included.

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